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I mean- this is for Seventh Sanctum's CROSS-GENRE CHARACTERS contest. Heat came up with the character concept, design, text and layout, Rock supplied all the wonderful art and a lot of much needed support. Total time taken was... about 4 hours on Heat's side, and around the same for Rock, I think.

4 hours from 10pm to 2am, I should add.

ANYWAY. The generated stuff first, and then the contest entry itself.

We wanted to do (read: Heat wanted to do) something steampunkish, so we went through the Fusion Class Generator using all the Steampunk + ??? settings until we found something that worked. There were a bunch of interesting possibilities, such as Clock Conjurer (can speed up and slow down time), Bomb Rocketeer (for sheer explosive badassery) and Anti-gravity Gunslinger (breaking the laws of physics for the best damn fight scenes ever). In the end, the fusion class we decided to use was the one that seemed the most fun to develop on- the Infernal Librarian (Steampunk + Horror).

We had a vague idea in place then for what we wanted to do, but then we had to generate his description. Using the General Person Generator, we clicked around for a bit before finally settling on:

This calm gentleman has round amber eyes. His luxurious, wavy hair the color of burnished iron is worn in a style that reminds you of a trailing ribbon. He has a graceful build. His skin is pale. His wardrobe is elegant, with a lot of black.

So far so good! Right now the character concept was starting to develop along- by this point we'd figured out most of what made up the 'Infernal' part of 'Infernal Librarian', but he still needed a name.

Or names.

Using the Vampire Name Generator was pretty much a given, the names had exactly the right feel for this sort of character. Initially we thought of having him being called Gabriel Black, but as the character concept developed, we realised that the actual, original Gabriel quite possibly existed and would have been known to this character, so we went for the slightly more sinister Aleister Gray instead. After a lot of dicking around with the Angel/Demon Name Generator, we also got the names Hashael and Hazaleron, which sounded similar enough to each other for our purposes.

That was pretty much about it as far as using the generators went. After all that, we started work on our character, refining the concept as we went along. The entry is below.

Things we would have liked to include, but couldn't due to lack of time:
- the mention that Aleister looks about 20ish, and has looked about 20ish for the last 6000 years
- the mention that The Library is actually the devil Hazaleron's personal collection of resources
- pictures of Aleister with various hairstyles
- pictures of Aleister in clothes from different eras of history
- an excerpt of the contract, with a bit more than 'so the fee for returning the book you borrowed late or damaged is basically that you spend eternity as my servant' to it
- more information about the world itself, the role of devils in it (they're kind of ALL LAWFUL EVIL) and the whole cosmological hierarchy
- more information on the books in the library themselves- we'd planned to use the Bookspinner to get titles and descriptions, but again, no time
- a MUCH nicer final section, except heat has class in 50 minutes and that is JUST NOT POSSIBLE AT THIS TIME ):
- a much PRETTIER final section, but considering it was done at 2am I guessss it'll have to do
- we wouldn't have said it outright in the entry itself, but Hashael is who he was, Hazaleron is who he is and Aleister is who he'd like to be.

Actually the original plan was that we'd just do a simple character refsheet.

I'm not quite sure what happened to that plan, but I can't say I'm displeased with how it turned out... but anyway, that's about it!

Edit: SDLKFJLAKF NO IT WASN'T- forgot to mention something. The absolutely amazing textures that heat used as the background for this thing (which were pretty much essential to getting the feel of it right) come from the equally amazing sanami276, who does fantastic things with paper and photoshop.

Edit 2: While the image is down (I HAVE NO IDEA WHY) you can see the image HERE though it's at a smaller size...

Edit 3: IMAGE IS BACK UP, and some minor edits have been made, mostly corrections to the text- the spelling of the words 'demonology', 'grimoire', 'happen' and 'certainly' have been corrected. The alignment of text in the final section has also been adjusted, and some of the words have been put in a new font. Apart from that, though, nothing's changed.

Edit 4: ...apparently we confused timezones (by forgetting that the US is behind and not ahead of us) and suddenly WE HAVE AN EXTRA DAY. Screw the above, I'm editing the last section now.



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